Guangzhou Huidi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. ®, which was established in 2007, is a Hi-Tech company focusing on the integrated R&D, manufacturing and sales of LCD TV Cabinets SKD materials. Currently it has had more than 800 employees. After high-speed development for many years, Huidi has had two business divisions, including the Audio-Visual Products Business Division and the Beauty Electrical Appliances Business Division. The Audio-Visual Products Business Division has been developed maturely, formed the production capacity and scale of annual 3 million sets of LCD TV Cabinets SKD materials and 1 million LCD TV CBU units, and mainly sold products to the countries and regions such as the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa. The Beauty Electrical Appliances Business Division, which was formed in middle 2014, is located at Ti’an Hi-tech Ecological Park, Panyu District, Guangzhou City. Its R&D personnel come from the domestic and international R&D backbone forces of first-line brands. At present, our products in R&D and production includes household beauty series and other beauty electrical appliances products. The steam beauty instruments and mask machines have been launched successfully. The skin scrubbers, sprayers and other beauty instruments will be successively researched, developed and put into production. The products related core technologies are introduced from Japan-related research institutes. Taking promotion of quality as guide, pursuing the ultimate user experiences and providing clients with high-quality products which have advanced technologies and outstanding design are the unremitting pursuit of the Huidi Beauty Electrical Appliances Business Division!

Our vision
   Beauty Electrical Appliances Business Division: devote to becoming the No.1 of domestic household beauty electrical appliances
Audio-Visual Products Business Division: struggle to become the OEM provider of world first-class audio-visual products
Our concept
   Beauty Electrical Appliances Business Division: impress customers with excellent products, and create the new era of physical beauty
Audio-Visual Products Business Division: struggle to become the OEM provider of world first-class LCD TVs
“Innovate actively”
   From the beginning of entrepreneurship, Huidi has always been carrying out the management concept of “human oriented”, and continuously introducing various management talents and technology talents. Up till now, it has completed the design and development of LCD TV structure molds from 14-inch to 86-inch, which have been fully put into batch production and headed for the international markets!

“Struggle bravely”
   At present, Huidi has had two major production bases. With the strict quality control and acute learning of markets, the Company has been developed rapidly. Its subordinate “HDTE” brand has withstood the severe market test, had the maximum production capacity of monthly 250,000 sets of modules and 150,000 LCD TVs, and realized the continuously high growth of annual sales achievements!

“Develop practically”
   Huidi has smoothly passed the certification of ISO9000 (version 2000) quality management system. The Company adheres to the quality principle of quality first and customer upmost, and strengthens the Company’s internal quality management and assessment. The Company’s products have won the praises of extensive consumers and favor of domestic and foreign clients.
“Operate sustainably”
   Our ideal is to make the HDTE audio-visual products enter global billions of families, and make consumers from different countries and regions enjoy the excellency and fun of Huidi digital audio-visual products!

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