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1. 1-year warranty service under proper usage since the day you purchase.
2. In guarantee period , according to the specifications and the body attached with a label use relevant national and
happen within the limits prescribed by law when a fault performance,users can get free repair in designated thrusters.
3. In guarantee period, due to the above problem and need to free maintenance, please take this card and invoice tothe
specified requirements of thrusters warranty.
4. Even during the warranty period of the following circumstances, as well as fees maintenance treatment.
a) Warranty card and valid purchase invoice can not be shown.
b) Because of improper use or mistake ( that is not used according to the instruction or the body of products attached
with a label, maintenance, safekeep)lead to fault and damage.
c) Because the product itself with other configuration machine used at the same time and suffers, or in the designated
thrusters for repair, modification, remove.
d) Due to the fire, earthquake, storm, flood, lightning strike force majeure such as the natural disasters and damp
or abnormal voltage, suffered from external force and external causes of blow fault and damage.
5. Can't be post-register if warranty card lost, please keep well.
6. In addition to the provisions of the product maintenance matters, users who is with a valid warranty in the guarantee
period and enjoy national related law within the scope of the  other rights at the same time.